Better news on Somerset Vaccinations

The problem of getting up to date COVID 19 vaccination information remains. Whilst the NHS refuse to publish data below regional level, Somerset County Council now are. However the information is running around 2 weeks behind the NHS regional data. Last week we got a complaint that our information was not up to date. This despite the fact that much of our article explained that the information was not up to date!

So doing the best with what we have, how do thinks stand. Or more to the point how did they stand at 31 January. Pretty well for the over 80s. Just under 36,000 had received the first vaccination, which SCC reckon to be 94% of the population. A very small number have had the second vaccination. However bear in mind Government have decided with the Pfizer vaccine, to go for one jab only. The First jab is supposed to give 90% protection. the second takes that to 94% (the numbers do vary a little according to which reports you read). So the decision taken was based on getting more people 90% covered quickly rather than fewer people 94% covered. This may lead to a new round of vaccinations being necessary in the Autumn. However it should also enable the vaccination programme to bring the disease under control more rapidly.

Also some good news to the 26,400 Somerset residents aged 75-79. Again 94% of them have had the vaccine.

With a significant part of these two cohorts now vaccinated work was under way (remember this is at 31 January) on the 70-74 cohort. 11,800 of them have been vaccinated representing around a third of the total.

If you are over 70 and have not yet had the vaccine and do not want to wait to be called, you can take the initiative. You can now book your appointment at one of the Pharmacy or large vaccination sites. If you do want to book a vaccination go to or phone 119.

We should stress that whichever choice you make, the vaccination is free. If you are asked to pay for it, you are being conned. Under no circumstances should you agree to pay or hand over your card details.

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