Latest Somerset vaccination data

On 21 January figures were released for the progress of the vaccination programme in the South West. They suggested that Somerset was very much behind the curve in terms of the number of vaccinations being carried out. At the time the data presented showed:

  • 98,234 doses have been administered in Devon,
  • 79,743 in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire,
  • 68,693 in Dorset,
  • 65,026 in Gloucestershire,
  • 63,293 in Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire,
  • 46,468 in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and
  • 45,713 in Somerset.

That data covers all vaccinations delivered up to and including the 17 January. So please note that all the comments that follow are on data that is inevitably out of date.

Getting hold of figures is frankly like getting blood from a stone. So where are we today? That we cannot tell you but we do have some figures updated to 24 January (so just over a week out of date).

The Somerset CCG claim that NHS England have data “every Thursday and provides regional and county level figures.” This turns out not to be true. Well not quite. In fact they may well have the data by county, but the only data they are sharing is by region.

Given that Somerset had lagged far behind everyone else when county figures were produced, the regional figures will not provide a lot of comfort on progress locally.

But for what it is worth, they show that across the South West to 4 February:

  • 92.8% of the over 80s had received a first jab
  • 84.5% of the 75-80s had received a first jab
  • 24.6% of the 70-75s had received a first jab.

To get actual figures for Somerset we have to fall back on information that is nearly 2 weeks old. However we do have figures to the 24 January. These show that the total number of vaccinations given in Somerset was 77,554 (compared with just 45,713 a week earlier). So actually signs of good progress being made.

What was interesting in the Somerset figures is that of those given a first jab, 31,358 were over 80. This figure is a little worrying. Although the population figures are not precise, at 2019 it was estimated that there were 38,300 residents of Somerset over the age of 80 (see below). So that’s around 81% have had the first jab.

That suggests a significant shortfall in vaccinating the population over 80, especially as we understand that by 24 January, 39,734 under 80s had already had the first jab. Certainly many of those will be key workers and NHS staff but the absence of reliable up to date data leaves us in the dark.

As ever we will bring you more data as it is released.

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