Warburton appeals for help for excluded

Last September The Leveller® wrote about approximately three million British workers who have been left out. During the pandemic there have been numerous schemes to help those who cannot work. Including this who have been instructed not to work. The schemes have been welcome. they have supported the economy and kept businesses alive. As our article pointed out, good as these schemes are, too many have been left in the cold.

Just some of those who have been left out are:

  • newly self-employed
  • PAYE freelancers
  • new starters
  • Directors (mainly of small family companies) filing PAYE annually
  • those ineligible for business grants

An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was formed to lobby for help for these “excluded”. At the time we wrote our piece David Warburton, MP for Somerton & Frome was the only Somerset MP to join. Make no mistake there are plenty of the “excluded” who live and work in Somerset.

David Warburton has now written directly to the Prime Minister asking for help. He notes the help that has been given so far noting: “On behalf of the many thousands of my constituents in Somerton and Frome I am hugely grateful for both the scale of this support and for the speed of its implementation.”

<Mr Warburton notes all the groups that have missed out in his letter. Including those listed above. However the thrust of his letter is to lobby for one group in particular: “I now write to you directly, and on behalf of a specific group of those who have been excluded. I feel strongly that they must not be failed by the Government in a way which would represent a failure to adhere to adhere to our Conservative values. These are the more than 500,000 newly self-employed people who, through a quirk of timing, found themselves ineligible for the help they needed.

Quite so. There hasn’t been much movement to date despite the lobbying of the APPG. So maybe a direct approach might get more attention. It is an issue that needs fixing.

If there is a response, we’ll certainly let you know.

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