Parents reject Council proposals

Before Christmas Somerset County Council ran a consultation of the future of schools in Crewkerne/Ilminster. The consultation proposed a two tier education system. That is a set of primary schools feeding into a secondary school. At present, the area has a three tier system. First, Middle and Upper schools.

The consultation simply asked for approval of one set of proposals. No alternatives were presented. The consultation made it clear that it was not appropriate to consider alternatives at this point.

The proposals were:

  • Wadham School would become a full secondary school
  • Swanmead and Greenfylde schools in Ilminster would become a split site primary school
  • Merriott First School and Haselbury Plucknett CofE First School would become primary schools
  • Misterton CofE school to be closed

The result of the consultation is clear cut. Parents rejected all the proposals. In all but one case the result was a significant rejection with more than 60% against. Staff too rejected all but one of the proposals.

So back to the drawing board? No.

Bizarrely the Education team recommend ignoring the findings of the consultation and accepting their proposals. Which begs the question, why bother with a consultation? Was this just an expensive waste of tax payers money in order to tick a box?

The meeting to consider the recommendation to move ahead will be taken in March. At the Cabinet Meeting on the 17 March to be exact. If you don’t agree with this decision, you had better start lobbying your councillor!

You can read the full results of the consultation here:

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