Somerset Vaccination figures released

Figures for vaccinations across the South West have been released this evening. Once again it rather looks as if Somerset is the poor relation in terms of number of vaccinations being delivered to us in our region. However do not assume the fault lies locally. The various councils have clubbed together to lend staff (Somerset County Council over 200, South Somerset District Council over 80), facilities and other help as necessary. We have two super centres for vaccination, 13 local centres and two hospitals with vaccination teams. The ground work is being done, but staff can only vaccinate with the vaccines they have been allocated. And of course as we reported earlier today, it does not help that Somerset was the only area in the South West where vaccinations have yet to start in pharmacies.

So far, we are told the following number of vaccinations have been carried out:

  • 98,234 doses have been administered in Devon,
  • 79,743 in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire,
  • 68,693 in Dorset,
  • 65,026 in Gloucestershire,
  • 63,293 in Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire,
  • 46,468 in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and
  • 45,713 in Somerset.

The data covers all vaccinations delivered up to and including the 17 January. Whilst some of these areas have larger populations than Somerset, that is not the whole picture. In Somerset the population is skewed heavily to the over 65s. In short our county has become something of a retirement village.

So how does the administration of 45,713 doses compare with the population? Well in 2019 there were estimated to be 38,300 residents of Somerset over the age of 80. The vaccination data tells us that 21,680 people over the age of 80 have had the first jab and 4,927 of them had the second. So that is just over half of the over 80’s in the county. The remainder have gone to under 80’s but this is not surprising given that the priority groups that are supposed to be vaccinated right now are:

  • the over 80s
  • NHS front line health workers
  • Care home residents and their carers

The carers and NHS staff will be under 80! Of course there are overlaps in the numbers. For instance there will be some over 80s who will also be in care homes. But even so given the number of doses, it is unlikely that we have been able to vaccinate all of those first three categories based on these numbers.

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