Frome’s Saxonvale – back again

New plans for Frome’s Saxonvale site will be considered at Mendip’s next planning board. The meeting will be held on 28 January at 6pm. A live stream link will be available nearer the time. Go to for more details.

The Frome Chamber of Commerce are still not convinced noting: “The Chamber has always said that if a convincing viability assessment was produced which justified the proposals for employment land and affordable housing, we would accept that. This is not a convincing viability assessment. This does not address the issue of the amount employment space at all.

It is worth noting that the recommendation to the Planning Board is for approval. To be precise to “Delegate to Permit subject to S106 agreement“.

This was always going to be a bit tricky for councillors. Mendip District Council is a landowner at Saxonvale. It means all councillors will have a conflict of interest in the planning application.

The developers, Acorn, acknowledge the significant opposition to their previous plans. Or at least that there has been substantial feedback which they believe they have responded to. A lot of the new features relate to sustainability. Highlights as presented by Acorn include:

  • 22 per cent of the new properties (the equivalent of 67 homes) will be affordable new homes to help aspiring homeowners’ step onto the housing ladder. 
  • The scheme will also provide a network of up to 17 fast and rapid communal electric car charging points, alongside personal charging points for e-bikes and e-scooters as well as electric car club and e-bike club facilities, for the convenience of a sustainable lifestyle.
  • expansive commercial space with purpose-built retail, café and restaurants for local independents
  • unique live/work dwellings that offer occupiers the opportunity to change between residential and commercial uses.
  • plans for an exciting new arts and heritage centre in the existing Western Warehouse building.

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