Crewkerne Post Office “not closed”

Following the news that Wells Post Office would reopen, we then heard that Crewkerne would close. To be more precise Microsoft search engine “Bing” told us this. The details for the main post office in Market Street appeared with the notice “permanently closed” attached.

As we were already in touch with the Post Office over the Wells decision, we asked them what was happening. “Nothing” came back the response. The Post Office is open and there are no plans to close it. When we explained that at least one major search engine thought otherwise, they were a touch exasperated.

Their spokesperson told us “I have asked colleagues to look into this inaccuracy.”

Meanwhile if you use the Crewkerne Post Office, you may not have even have suspected it might close. And of course you would be right. For now at any rate. Just don’t trust what you see if you look it up on a search engine.

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