6 years for attack in Frome

A man has been jailed following a trial at Taunton Crown Court. James Tallon was accused of a number of offences following an incident in Frome. Tallon was being pursued by Police for a number of other offences on 14 December last year. He was in Specsavers when he spotted officers entering the store. He seized a woman from behind and threatened her with a knife. Using the woman as a shield, he managed to flee via a fire escape. Officers deployed Tasers but to no effect.

Shortly after, Tallon was tackled to the ground by a member of security staff. A struggle ensued. Police officers deployed PAVA spray. Once again Tallon managed to run off. In attempting to escape he then tried to hjack a car containing two young children. He demanded their mother get out the vehicle. The woman’s partner, who was in the passenger seat at the time, intervened and Tallon managed to flee the scene.

Concerted efforts to track him down were made through the night and into the following day. On 16 December an officer recognised him driving a vehicle. The officer moved his police car to block Tallon’s path. He abandoned the vehicle and tried to run off.  He again tried to resist arrest, violently struggling with the officer. Eventually a colleague came to the officer’s assistance.

Tallon was convicted of false imprisonment, threats to kill a police officer and affray. As well as possession of a bladed article and assault by beating. He was sentenced to six years in prison with an extended four years on licence.

Speaking after the conviction, Detective Constable George Pettingell noted  “Thankfully no one was seriously injured as a result of Tallon’s violent behaviour. However the events of 14 December will undoubtedly stay with all those involved for some time to come. I’d like to praise the victims for the bravery they’ve shown. I’d like to thank them for supporting the prosecution of this dangerous man. The public are much safer with Tallon behind bars.”

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