businesses to be protected from eviction

If you are a small business in Somerset, you are not on your own. The bulk of employment in our county is provided by small family businesses. And many of those businesses trade from premises that they rent.

Throughout the pandemic, Government has tried to put in place protections for businesses that rent their premises. Today it has been announced by Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick, that those protections will be extended. Business owners affected by the pandemic will be protected from eviction by landlords until the end of March 2021.

This is not the same as saying tenants do not need to pay rent that is due at some point. This final extension is to give landlords and tenants 3 months to come to an agreement on unpaid rent. The Government is clear that where businesses can pay any or all of their rent, they should do so. During that time landlords cannot evict tenants simply for non payment of rent.

Detailed guidance will apparently be published within the next week.

Meantime the Secretary of State has other changes in mind. He has announced a review of what he describes as “the outdated commercial landlord and tenant legislation.” This legislation, the Government believes, no longer reflects current economic conditions.

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