Support for Somerset families in need

Somerset County Council (SCC) have pledged £1 million from the County Council budget this winter. The money is to support children and families in Somerset during the Christmas Holiday and over the winter. It will be provided in partnership with the District Councils and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

£650,000 will go to schools and colleges to fund vouchers or food. It is for children/students on free school meals for the 2 week Christmas 2020 holiday. It will also contribute to support over the one week February Half Term holiday 2021. The funding equates to £15 per child per week.

Families with children under 4 on low income may be able to claim weekly Healthy Start Vouchers. For more information please go to This will give parents £3.10 (going up to £4.25 in April) to help buy healthy food, vitamins and milk. Health visitor teams have been provided with a fund of £26,000 to give
extra support to parents over Christmas.

£32,000 has been allocated to Somerset Works. This is to provide vouchers for young people who are not in
Employment Education and training and apprentices in need at Christmas. Young people are defined in this case as aged 16 to 18.

£300,000 has also been allocated to support schools and early years settings. This money is to set up or expand meal clubs or develop a community food project.

More information is included in this leaflet which you can download here

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