Lightning strikes hit SSDC’s battery Park

Does an act of God indicate displeasure at South Somerset District Council (SSDC)? Was this divine displeasure at the secretive council hiding all the pertinent figures related to their property portfolio? We can of course only guess. Certainly the report to the December meeting of the District Executive included nothing in the way of granular detail. Lots of big news headline figures, all unsupported by any detail. This is not to say the detail does not exist. It is simply that taxpayers are not allowed to know the detail of what SSDC are doing with their money.

What is beyond dispute is this. The Battery park at Fideoak, outside Taunton has hit a snag. Not that there is anything unusual in that. The project has been dogged with delays. The scheme was finally due to start providing energy to the grid in March this year. Several months late.

The latest delay was our aforesaid Act of God. During a storm in August a Western Power Substation was hit by lightning and damaged. Unfortunately the Battery Park sends energy through the substation before charging and discharging to the National Grid. This meant that it was unable to operate until the WPD substation could be repaired
and become operational again. Oh dear! Not even the harshest critic could blame SSDC for that.

It is perhaps only a surprise that this information too was not kept from the press and public. After all if God is involved, perhaps we should not be told?

However, the District Executive was told that the substation “was operational again in mid-October and we are now fully trading”. The Executive were also given detailed figures on revenue generation. These were of course kept secret from press and public.

One can only guess at the reason why these details are being kept a secret from taxpayers.


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