Fines issued after Glastonbury Protest

Avon & Somerset police have started issuing fines to protesters from Glastonbury. Last Thursday, 5 November a crowd estimated at between 60 and 8-0 gathered on Glastonbury High Street. They were protesting the lock down restrictions being imposed.

The Police report that many of those involved were not wearing masks and were breaching social distancing rules. The Police attempted to engage with the protesters. The gathering was dispersed after an hour. Police remained in the town centre throughout the day to prevent a repeat.

Officers had body worn cameras and are using them to identify protesters. To date four fines totalling £200 have been issued.

Speaking after the protesters had been dispersed, Neighbourhood Sergeant Simon Lancey said: “The right to protest is well established in this country and is a key part of our democracy. Officers in the United Kingdom have a long history of upholding this, policing by consent and ensuring the safety of all those exercising that right. The protest was peaceful, however COVID-19 is a deadly disease and there are restrictions in place to prevent its spread, including against such gatherings of more than two people. We have consistently said that flagrant breaches of the regulations, which are designed to protect public health, cannot be allowed and we hope these fines will deter people from similar action in future.

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