The Leveller® in December

Last weekend the Government announced a lockdown in England. Prior to Saturday, they stated categorically that there would be no national lockdown. There was no warning, simply a complete volte face.

The Leveller® has been placed in a dilemma. We do not need to shut down ourselves. However most of our advertisers do. An awful lot of our outlets will be closed to. Unlike the tabloid local press, we use non traditional outlets. Theatres, pubs, village halls, church porches. This has made distribution quite a challenge for most of 2020.

Up until November we managed to survive and in fact maintain our hard copy circulation.

This latest lockdown leaves us with little choice but to produce a double issue to cover both November and December. That way we can get copies into every community. Those of our outlets that remain open, will be stocked starting next week on 13 November.

We will continue to restock as outlets run out. More to the point as other outlets open after the lockdown, we will stock them as they open. By running a two month edition, we should be able to get copies to everyone of our regular readers.

We would not normally do this. But we would usually have enough time to plan. We will return to our usual monthly edition in January, whatever the circumstances. If the lockdown continues we will have time to put alternative distribution plans in place. And we can do that.

We understand that this is not ideal.

We acknowledge that and apologise to our community that it has been necessary.

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  • No need for you to apologise Andrew. This Government appears to be incapable of anticipating difficulties, hoping the something will turn up at the last minute. It won’t.
    Glad that businesses such as yourselves, public services and charitable agencies can plan ahead for contingencies.

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