Mendip return to Council House building

After a generation long gap, Mendip District Council last night voted to build council houses again. The MDC Cabinet voted for a scheme that will see 160 houses built in Glastonbury Street and Frome. The new homes have been approved as follows:

  • 75 houses in Easthill in Frome, 
  • 6 in Norbins Road Glastonbury,
  • 33 in Cemetery Lane, Street and a further 29 in Cranhill Road which is also in Street: ·         
  • 17 new homes in North Parade in Frome

Of these, the 17 in North Parade will be zero carbon eco homes. MDC have been looking at building new homes since the LibDems took control of the authority. Research conducted by the council suggests that there is real need. The figures show the Mendip area has 1,685 households, or an estimated 5,000 people, on its waiting list for a home at a truly affordable rent, and there are another 266 people on the waiting list for shared ownership properties.

the new homes will be built by a housing association on behalf of the council. Last night’s decision allows the MDC owned land to be transferred in order for the project to start.

The 160 new homes will be split between social rent and shared ownership. Half of the homes will be offered for social rent which is significantly lower than market rent as well as more secure, and the others will be offered on the basis of shared ownership.

There will be a longer article looking at this project in the January edition of The Leveller®


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