Police warn Somerset residents to be vigilant

Avon & Somerset Police are warning local residents to their security seriously. This follows a series of burglaries across the region in the last three months. High value items including money, gold and jewellery have been stolen.

Nor were these all incidents when the homeowner was away. On a couple of occasions the thieves broke in and threatened the residents.

Police note that the incidents do not appear to follow a set pattern. However they have not ruled out the possibilities that they may be linked.

However they are especially keen to get the message out to people to be careful and stay safe. If you are being burgled and you are at home, call 999 straight away. If at all possible hide somewhere safe out of sight of the intruders. Ideally somewhere where there are no valuables.

The Police also recommend that you take steps to protect your home. The following will all help:

To keep your home and belongings safe, follow these steps:

– Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked, if you’re not in the room, before you go out and before you go to bed. Set the alarm if you have one
– Always double-lock uPVC doors using the key as well as lifting the handle
– Ideally keep jewellery with a secure storage company, as thieves have been known to steal whole safes. If you do use a safe make sure you invest in a good quality one that’s professionally fitted and mounted to a solid wall or floor
– Take photos of your valuables and write a short description of each one
– Mark your jewellery with a forensic security liquid
– Don’t keep large amounts of cash in your home. Store it in a bank, building society or post office account
– Install burglar alarms and CCTV

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