Wells City Councillor Resigns

Celia Wride, one of just two Conservative councillors remaining on Wells City Council, has resigned. Wells is an interesting council in that it is non – political in carrying out business. However councillors stand at election under party groupings.

Before Cllr Wride resigned the council comprised:

  • 5 Lib Dem councillors
  • 4 Green Councillors
  • 4 Wells Independent councillors
  • 2 Conservative councillors (including mayor John Osman)

Celia Wride was formally Mayor of Wells and has decided to step down and notes a number of differences of view with the Town Clerk among her reasons for resigning.

Her resignation will create a vacancy on the City Council which can be filled in these strange times in one of two ways:

  • By co-option which can be done immediately
  • or by election which will have to be postponed until after March 2021

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