Healthwatch review of Care Homes in Chard, Taunton and Shepton

Healthwatch Somerset today published details of review visits to 3 Somerset care homes. The spotlight has been on the care sector since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. However Healthwatch visited these homes in January before the pandemic, the reviews have only just been published.

The three care homes were on Somerset County Council’s watch list. The review carried out by Healthwatch is not a formal inspection. However it is used by the county council and the CQC (the body that carries out inspections) as an informal interim guide. The visits were all carried out unannounced.

The three care homes visited were:

In each case a team of 6 visited each home and wrote up their findings for publication. The findings were generally positive with lots of encouraging findings. Good quality care was being given in a friendly and clean environment with good management practices in place. It was acknowledged that the Chard home had been through a rough patch in 2018. However following the appointment of a new manager in December 2018, rapid improvements had been made.

The only significant negative comments related to the Shepton home where although the home was clean it was considered to be need of general refurbishment. The manager had not been at work for several weesk at the time of the visit, but the Healthwatch team discovered the owner had been in daily contact with staff to ensure there were no issues.

All in all given that the 3 homes were all on SCC’s watchlist, the outcome of the visits must be seen as quite encouraging.

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