Prison for Burnham Burglaries

Adam Harding from Highbridge was handed down a prison sentence last week. The 42 year old was found guilty of two burglaries after a three day trial at Taunton Crown Court. In both cases his victims were elderly women.

The first incident on Wednesday 11th September 2019 targeted a woman with limited mobility who loved on Abingdon Street. She heard a knock on the door at around 7am a woman but was unable to answer it. Half an hour later she saw a man in her garden who asked about a flat for sale before leaving. Later that day, he returned and broke into the property through an insecure rear door. He threatened the woman, who was in her bed, demanding to know where her money is. He searched through drawers and under the bed before leaving.

The victim later identified Harding as the offender.

Later at around 5.50pm the same day he broke into a property in Rosewood Avenue. Accessing the property through an open rear window on the first floor. The owner was alerted to his presence by a loud bang and went to investigate. On entering her rear bedroom she saw Harding and told him to get out.

He left through the same window. As well as CCTV footage of him, a witness saw him at the property and later identified Harding as the offender. 

Harding was sentenced to four years in prison. It is however worthy of note that the trial system is so clogged up that it has taken over a year to bring someone to justice for two burglaries.

PC James Loftus from Operation Remedy, who investigated the offences, told The Leveller® “Harding has knowingly targeted lone and vulnerable women which is callous behaviour. Both victims were left traumatised, feeling unsafe in their own home.

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