Somerset MPs back Johnson’s “law breaking” bill

Four of the five Somerset MPs voted with the government last night. The second reading of the UK Internal Markets Bill passed comfortably, with 340 in favour and 263 against.

The Bill has attracted some controversy with one government minister acknowledging it could break International Law and leave the UK in breach of treaty obligations. The Government have of course maintained that this was not their intent and it would never be used that way. It is intended to regulate the way trade flows within the four “home nations” within the UK. However the significant part is the way England Wales and Scotland would trade with Northern Ireland. It is the status of the island of Ireland that has proved difficult in the Brexit negotiations. And some in the legal profession have suggested this bill will effectively over-ride provisions already agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement. That is the document governing how the UK will leave the European Union.

The four Somerset MPs who backed the Government view were:

  • Marcus Fysh
  • Ian Liddell Grainger
  • Rebecca Pow
  • David Warburton

Jame Heappy was absent from the House for the vote.

The bill still faces some tough scrutiny in the House of Lords where several Conservative peers have suggested they are not minded to support the Bill.


  • daveelainebanksgooglemailcom

    Surely each of them didn’t become an MP to be party to the destruction of Britain’s good reputation in the world?

  • No, they became our MPs to carry out the wish of the electorate and free us from all EU control.

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