Yeovil MP backs One Somerset unitary bid

Marcus Fysh, MP for Yeovil has written to parish and town councils in his constituency to express his support for a new unitary council. Mr Fysh was formerly a County Councillor and District Councillor on South Somerset District Council. In his letter he expresses a clear preference for the Somerset County Council option. Referring to the District Council option he is clearly sceptical. He notes “It is clear that local District Councils have not in the past been capable of working together effectively to save money and local performance has not always been what residents might have hoped. For example planning and enforcement in our local area has left a lot to be desired.”

The main point of his letter is to reassure the parish and town councils that they will be involved In the single unitary option. He says “I have discussed the issue directly with the Secretary of State and will continue to do so as the plan develops. Firstly it is not the case that everything will be run from Taunton. Clear channels for local input will be created and the influence and standing of Town and Parish councils will increase. This will come with greater resourcing from the (Unitary) Authority including in terms of direct officer support and guidance. This is important to me as an MP. As you may know I have been campaigning for a long time for meaningful community engagement….

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  • Its a done deal. Wembdon Parish Council in Sedgemoor are already advertising for an assistant to the Clerk because he will be unable to deal with the extra workload which they will be expected to deal with.

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