Avon & Somerset PCC asks for your help

As the country starts to look to recover from the COVID 19 pandemic, the Police service are also looking forward. Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Sue Mounstevens is asking what you want from it. Not least Avon & Somerset Police are expecting to benefit from Operation Uplift. This is the recruitment of 20,000 new officers across the country.

Ms Moutstevens acknowledges the social media and press have been full of issues. Black Lives Matter, COVID 19 gatherings, disproportionality in policing have all featured. And rural policing is an area that rarely gets the publicity it needs in Somerset in particular. But what the PCC really wants is views direct from the public unfiltered by the media (yes we spotted the irony thank you!).

The PCC has set some general priorities for policing across Avon & Somerset. These are::

  • protecting the most vulnerable people from harm;
  • strengthening local communities;
  • ensuring the police have the right people, right culture and the right capability; and,
  • working in partnership with other police forces and partner agencies to deliver the best services for local people.

But the reality of what that means on the ground is down to how local people experience policing in their communities. Acknowledging that the Police are under pressure and cannot do everything, Sue Mountestevens wants to know if you feel your community is policed well. Are the priorities of the police the ones you would like to see?

Sue Mountstevens told us “We need you to let us know what you think about how you and your community is policed, what the police service does well, and what we can tell them to improve. I would like your thoughts on how to achieve that within these priority areas.”

Take the survey.

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