Musgrove 2030 new plans for hospital

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust runs Musgrove Park Hospital, along with community and mental health services in Somerset. It is one of 21 organisations expected to benefit from the Department of Health and Social Care’s hospital building programme. Initially funding has been promised to plan the future development of the hospital, parts of which still date back to the post war era. This could eventually lead to funding of £450m.

For the moment that is a long way off. The plans for the future, called Musgrove 2030 will include a new maternity and children’s building. there will be further enhancements to the cancer and emergency services.

And this is in addition to a new surgical centre, acute assessment hub, therapies department and maternity refurbishments. These are fully funded and the building works on them are already underway.

The new surgical centre is an £80m project and should result in

  • Six endoscopy rooms, patient recovery and clinical support areas
  • Eight operating theatres (including two interventional radiology theatres), recovery areas and clinical support.
  • 22 critical care beds, all specified for level 2 and 3 critical care patients

Also underway is planned work to develop a £11.5 million acute assessment hub. This will be next to the hospital’s emergency department (A&E) to support care for patients requiring emergency treatment. It will include an admission hub for those patients who need to be admitted to hospital for additional care. The current surgical admissions unit is located in World War II ‘Nightingale’ style ward accommodation that is unsuitable for modern standards of care and is some distance from the surgical operating theatres. In the future, it will be included in the acute assessment hub, adjacent to the emergency department.

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