Education in Somerset – some good news

Ordinarily we might not publish a news release for just one school. However there has been such a slew of bad news about A level grades and marking, we wanted something positive.

So this morning we were delighted to receive a press release from The Taunton Academy. This tells us that they are delighted to report another strong set of GCSE results. There were several individual success stories, with students gaining multiple grade 9 results. Ruth Garang achieved eight grade 9s, Chloe Sanders was awarded seven and Kacper Slodek six. At every level students met their target grades; enabling them to secure places at colleges, apprenticeships and other further education providers.

After the fiasco of A level grades with U turns, denials and as yet no resignations, these results represent a welcome oasis of calm. The Head Teacher, Jenny Veal told us “This represents the culmination of sustained hard work over their time at the academy, allowing our students to reach their potential. The results are a testament to how well our teachers know our students, the excellent relationships we have, combined with superb subject knowledge and high quality teaching and learning. After the turmoil of recent days, since the release of the A-Level results, we are delighted that the government has done the right thing by our students and trusted our teachers’ judgements by using Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) rather than apply an algorithm, which may have disproportionately disadvantaged our students.”

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