Get the August edition of The Leveller® right here!

Once again this month we are breaking with tradition and publishing the August edition online. If you cannot get out and pick up a hard copy of our paper, you can download a copy of The Leveller® as a pdf. If you’d like to do that, then you can do so here:

I know we’ve said this before, but the current situation is a bit fluid so we hope you enjoy the online edition if you cannot get out to find a copy.

We have significant;y increased the number of outlets for the paper over the past 3 months and we continue to do so. Meanwhile we promise to be back to normal as soon as the current situation allows.


  • Can you advise where, in the Ilminster area, I can pick up hard copies of The Leveller … can travel to Chard if that’s the closest outlet.

    • Errr there might be some copies left at Today’s Menu? I know the ones from the porch next to Greenfylde School are all gone. There may be some at Horton Post Office still. Possibly some still left at the Trading Post or Hinton St George village shop.
      Otherwise most likely bet is outside English Homes in Langport. Sorry but they seem to have gone very quickly this month.

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