Road Rage – Somerset’S finished roadplan

on 22nd July we received an email celebrating the fact that Somerset’s road improvement programme was complete. Good news all round we thought. Apparently 140 miles of road have been resurfaced. The work was completed early.

All good so far. So we assumed there would be relatively few roadworks to impede the business of collecting news from around our county. Yesterday after an, admittedly an unusually long day on the road, we now know better.

The day started trying once again to get from Ilminster to Langport. Roadworks at Barrington blocked our route. They have been there for over a week. The detour is almost unbelievable but takes you straight into another set of roadworks at Fivehead.

Having staggered into Langport and done a little office work it was on to Compton Dundon. Or not as the road off the B3151 was closed too.

Glastonbury was surrounded by road closed and diversion signs although we could not spot any actual roadworks. We discovered afterwards the road closures were on the A361 heading into town. This was a temporary blessing. Heading on towards Wells the A39 was festooned with three lots of roadworks and two sets of temporary lights.

Finally beyond Wells we discovered the Old Frome Road was also closed for roadworks. With the additional feature of long tailbacks on the A37 either side of the Old Frome Road.

And that was before we arrived in Frome where, we should have remembered (but didn’t) that the road through the town centre is closed in both directions.

I dare say when someone says a roadworks programme is finished they don’t mean all roadworks. But I can’t remember having a day before when we came across so many examples of road closures and roadworks in a diagonal slice across the county.

Somerset County Council do have a roadworks map which you can find here: It is decent enough but takes for ever to load on a mobile, especially with Somerset’s unique experience of mobile phone reception….

Rant over…..


  • There are so many roads that still need a lot of work on them. Just which roads do the council think they’ve completed?

  • So you are saying you don’t want roads fixed? Or just not on your own preferred route? I’m sure Somerset highways will accommodate you…

    • Perhaps they could even be fixed in a staggered way so that there wasn’t a major diversion on average every 10 miles.

  • Surely the time to do all these roadworks was during the four months when there was little traffic to disrupt. The Frome closure and very poorly signed diversion is going to make trading even more difficult

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