Farewell Blackmore Vale

It was sad to read that the Blackmore Vale has closed the doors for good. Our areas did not cross over too much, but like The Leveller, it provided news coverage across a patch of rural England dotted with small communities.

Like any decent community magazine, it formed the social glue that held disparate communities together. I’m not sure it was wise to leave a magazine with that ethos in the clutches of Reach plc. And I fear it will not be the last newspaper that Reach will close in our area in the months ahead.

But to be clear it was a decent publication that we respected as much as the community it served respected it. They did a great job and spoke clearly for their community. It is a sad loss to the portfolio of local news and we wish the staff the very best for the future.

If we had a second wish – it would be that somebody rescues it and resuscitates it as an independent publication.

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  • Dear Andrew, as an advertiser in the leveller & a business person from the vale, I have decided to re-launch the new Blackmore vale magazine. Our 1st issue will hit the streets on Friday 25th September
    If you or anyone else wants more information please contact 01963400186

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