Somerton Town Council implodes again

Lockdown has cast a long shadow over Somerton Town Council.

Yesterday at the first (Zoom) meeting of the Town Council since March, the very process of co-option came under the spotlight. In the end a new councillor was co-opted. Congratulations Cllr Harrison, but there was a lot of wrangling over the process. There will be more on this in the August Leveller®.

However having replaced one councillor after four months, it became apparent that two more had resigned in the meantime. Cllrs Bassett and Dobson resigned before the meeting took place but after the meeting, Cllr Smith resigned as well.

Somerton Town Council will now need to work on a plausible and legal recruitment policy for co-opting new councillors unless the town’s electors call for an election. Which under the circumstances might be the best solution all round?

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  • I wish the councillors would do something about the speed of traffic along behind berry, obviously it got worse with lockdown with people thinking they were at race track as if its not bad enough with all most all traffic speeding and all traffic only being allowed on this route sometimes it getting impossible to get of our drives safely please please could you do something about it before someone is killed the lorrys are just as bad ive seen some of them doing at least 50mph

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