River Parrett upgrade

Over the past two years Langport Town Council has been working hard on what they call their River Project. Following a successful grant application to the European Agricultural Fund, Rural Development Programme for England, work has been ongoing.

A number of amenities have been added to the riverside at Langport including fishing platforms, and pontoons for access to the water for swimmers, boats and canoes. In a separate piece of work funded from other sources, the Town Council have been working on repairing the slip way at Huish Bridge (known locally as Black Bridge). This has been decayed and out of action for several years. They intend to expand the car park and create a new picnic area too.

Now during September/October comes the pièce de résistance. After months of negotiating with the Environment Agency everyone has settled on a scheme for a walkway along the banks of the River Parrett linking everything together.

And this is where they crave your indulgence! The existing footpath between Cocklemoor and Huish Bridge as well as the car park at Huish Bridge will have to close in September and October to allow the work to be carried out.

While diversions to the existing footpath will be possible, the car park will remain closed throughout. 

Town Clerk Debbie Speed notes “The River Parrett will still deliver unwelcome flooding and mud, but it is hoped that our beautiful riverside will become more accessible for locals and visitors all year round.”


  • Gordon McKerrow

    I would like to point out that the pontoons are primarily for boating and swimming, as anglers are amply provided for by the new fishing platforms which you didn’t mention. Perhaps you would correct this.

    • It is so easy to get one’s platforms and pontoons muddled, but thank you for pointing this out….

  • You did well to get a photo of Cocklemoor without visitors on it. All the tables and benches were in use when I walked there yesterday!

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