Chief planner resigns at SSDC

Today Simon Fox, the Lead Specialist for planning at South Somerset District Council tendered his resignation. Mr Fox joined SSDC in 2002 and worked his way through the ranks. He has been in order Planning Assistant, Planning Officer, Team Leader and most recently Lead Specialist.

Whilst he has overseen some controversial planning decisions, his reputation among staff at the council has always been for scrupulous honesty.

However significant changes are afoot. SSDC has barely completed a Transformation Programme only to be told the planning team needs reorganising. A report by consultants that we noted last week has suggested that SSDC does not have the right expertise in the right places. It also recommended That SSDC should “Strengthen in-house capacity re scheme viability – so the authority is better able to interpret viability information from applicants and external advisers. Can be achieved through appointment of in-house ‘expert’, potentially as a shared resource with neighbouring authorities, and with additional officer (and member) training

No reasons have been given for Mr Fox’s resignation.

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  • It’s obvious he was pushed… part of their failed transformation agenda which At this level is cleverly disguised as a service redesign. It’s the second high profile officer in as many months as their Revenue and Benefits Chief was also disappeared under similar circumstances. …I wonder if someone was to dig deep enough whether they’d uncover cash lump sums and NDA’s?

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