Vague – but more cash for towns

Part of the package of new funds announced today will involve money to the 101 towns that qualified under the Government’s Town Funds.

Whilst the details remain vague. it appears that Bridgwater and Glastonbury look set to get more cash. The two Somerset towns were successful in their bid to get on the initial list of 101 towns. Some funds have already been released to help them develop plans on how to develop a more vibrant town centre.

The announcement today suggests that every town on the list will get between £500k and £1m to spend on those plans. And I dare say that will be welcome in Bridgwater and Glastonbury. but even £1m does not buy much these days by way of infrastructure improvement.

However the Towns Fund, when it was launched, was supposed to have around £3.6bn allocated to it. The commitment today suggests only between £50.5m and £101m is being promised. We will have to wait and see what will happen to the rest of the funding.

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