More Somerset Services Open

In their latest update Somerset County Council (SCC) are giving a more positive outlook on the state of play across Somerset.

Opening up the registration service and libraries is now being planned.

One area of concern with libraries is how to manage physical contact with books and other items. Similarly how to support and manage a ‘click and collect’ service safely.

Meanwhile weddings and civil partnership services will be able to take place from 4 July. Unsurprisingly there remains a backlog of birth registrations at present.

From this weekend all waste re-cycling centres will be accepting all waste as usual and permit holders with trailers will be able to access sites as normal. However for the time being staff will not be able to offer assistance with unloading and nothing will be accepted for re-use.

A COVID -19 Local Outbreak Management Plan has now been produced. It is an extensive document 61 pages in length, covering all aspects of how the county, going forward, is planning to manage the virus. It is inevitable that clusters of outbreaks will still occur and we need to have something in place locally to deal with these.

However it is worthy of note that the Somerset plans are considered to be of such a high standard that their approach is being adopted nationally.

The message continues to be social distancing (still 2m. where at all possible) washing hands and working from home where possible.

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