COVID 19 – almost normal?

The latest COVID 19 data for Somerset was published yesterday by Somerset County Council. At the risk of being tedious, we must point out again that unlike NHS data this includes care homes and incidences of COVID 19 “at home”. The data is prepared to 12th June. The reason for this delay is to keep the numbers accurate. The daily totals published by the NHS are subject to constant revision, as not unreasonably, the data is constantly being updated to improve accuracy.

The headline figure in the week to 12th June was that there were only 2 deaths recorded as being due to the virus. That’s the lowest it has been since the lockdown began on 23rd March. Neither death was in a hospital (so wouldn’t appear in the NHS figures) one was at home and one in a care home.

This brings the total deaths from COVID 19 in Somerset to 195. Again we stress that Somerset for these figures is defined as the County Coucnil area and does not include either Bath & North East Somerset or North Somerset which are separate councils.

For the second week in a row only one care home in Somerset had a case of COVID 19, this time in South Somerset.

And as ever, so you can see all the figures for yourself and draw your own conclusions, we have attached them here:

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