9 deaths as COVID-19 slows in Somerset

The latest dashboard produced by Somerset County Council shows an improving picture for the county for the week ending 5 June (though please not the date the data was produced was 17 June)

9 deaths were recorded in total for that week of which 4 were in hospital and 5 in Care Homes.

Once again we emphasise three things.

  • Firstly that these figures, unlike the daily NHS figures include all deaths from COVID 19 whether in hospital, Care Homes or hospices. The NHS figures only include hospital deaths.
  • Secondly these figures are for the SCC area so do not include Bath and Weston (BANES and North Somerset are separate authorities)
  • The third point we would want to emphasise is these figures are published two weeks in arrears. Many of the NHS statistics published daily are subject to revision as more accurate data becomes available. On the other hand, we have to accept the information is potentially out of date.

Most encouraging is that most of the data is going in the right direction. This was the lowest number of weekly deaths in our county recorded since the first week in April.

During the week only one care home in the county was dealing with an outbreak of the virus (in Sedgemoor).

And only one new patient was diagnosed with COVID 19 in the county in the week to 15th June.

Whilst it is still essential to keep to social distancing rules and follow government advice, the figures appear to show the virus is starting to dissipate.

As in previous weeks, we have included all the published data so our readers can download it and draw their own conclusions from the information:

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