Another Somerset Lockdown Defection

As the weeks turn into months, a lot of time at home is giving our local politicians time to think. We have already seen two councillors in South Somerset decide to change party . Today comes news of another change in Mendip.

This time it is Eric Hobbs, an Independent Councillor (one of 5 returned in the 2019 elections) until today. he represents the Ward of Shepton West on Mendip District Council.

In the past 12 months Cllr Hobbs has been a Cabinet Assistant, member of the Council’s Planning Board and the Council’s representative on the Mendip Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership Committee. More recently, together with Councillor Matt Martin (Moore), he has kicked-off work to drive forward one of the major projects at Mendip to increase active travel – cycling, walking and running – and reduce traffic and carbon emissions across the district. 

Cllr Hobbs moving to the LibDems gives them a total of 23 seats out of 47 available, just one shy of an absolute majority. However they remain in de facto control of the council.

Without in any way casting aspersions on individual councillors, it remains the position of The Leveller, that councillors who change party between elections should resign and fight a by-election under their new colours.

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