19 deaths in Somerset in last week of may

The latest COVID 19 dashboard for the week ending 29th May was published yesterday evening by Somerset County Council. It is worth pointing out that these figures differ from the daily totals posted by NHS England. The NHS figures ONLY record hospital deaths and 40% of all recorded deaths in Somerset are in Care Homes, not hospitals.

We report on the Somerset County Council dashboard as it is the only comprehensive and accurate count for the county council area of Somerset. That also means it does not include deaths and infections for the unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset or North Somerset.

The total number of deaths from COVID 19 reported was 19, unfortunately a bit of a spike from the previous week’s total of 9. This brings the total number of deaths in the SCC area to 181. No official explanation for the weekly figure doubling has been offered. This is the highest number of weekly deaths since the 1st May.

4 care homes in the county were dealing with a live outbreak of the virus, 2 in SW&T and i each in South Somerset and Sedgemoor.

The R rate reported for the South West, is now shown as 1, meaning we are on the cusp of the virus spreading again. That said the R rate is not an exact science and as we have seen over the last fortnight, several scientific groups have different calculations for this at any one time. The most important message is that if the R rate is not falling, and it isn’t, everyone should be taking the social distancing and hygiene messages very seriously.

There is no point commenting on infection numbers, as we now know these are unreliable due to a faulty test system in Musgrove Hospital.

Once again we have included the whole data set provided by SCC so you can read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


  • Thanks for the update. Clearly this isn’t going away. Pity that the heading for the story is a photo of wine bottles though. Maybe a formatting error?

  • Faulty machine in Musgrove, Taunton I gather, putting out false positives.

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