Chard Regeneration on track

South Somerset District Council issued an update this morning on plans for Chard regeneration. Last week Leader Val Keitch said these were under threat due to the lack of funding SSDC had received during the pandemic crisis.

However whilst there are positive noises about the Chard regeneration project, there has been no update on similar projects planned for both Yeovil and Wincanton. Both were listed as under threat by Val Keitch.

This morning an SSDC spokesperson noted “Work resumed safely in April on the site as contractors were able to return to the site following Covid-19 risk assessments and adoption of new working practices. The current work has seen sheet piling for the swimming pool now completed, and workers starting to pile the foundations for the main building.”

All of which sounds positive.

The centrepiece of the new development on the Boden Mill site will include a modern leisure centre with a five-lane swimming pool, learner pool, gym and soft play centre.

SSDC acknowledge that the impact of Covid-19 has inevitably led to some delays in the progress of construction work. However current estimates suggest the new facility will open in autumn 2021. The project team say they will keep a close eye on progress.

Additional planned phases in the future will include commercial units, housing and public realm improvements (how the area will look overall) around the mill buildings and Fore Street.


  • Ye bloody great you want live next door and work nights be great to start then when the novelty wares off it will be another burden for us tax payers so it’s so far to go to crewkerne axminster or cricket like I say you counsellors want to live next door but you don’t care about us working class in your big houses in the country money would’ve been better spent on doctor’s and our hospital

  • Also who’s going to pay for the cracks that’s come on my walls and the slates that slipped on my roof with the constant vibration I don’t suppose that matters either as long as you get your new posh building

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