Bridgwater Posties Back

Yesterday afternoon the postmen and women at the Bridgwater Royal Mail delivery office returned to work. However a spokesperson for the Communication Workers Union (CWU) told The Leveller the issues* were not resolved.

For now the postal service around Bridgwater will return to normal but more action is planned. In the meantime it may take a day or two for the backlog of post that will have built up at the delivery office to get cleared, especially when volumes of online shopping are at such high levels.

The local posties have been promised a ballot on further strike action by the CWU. If that produces the legally required majority.

Under current Union legislation the law requires a ballot to be held with a voting paper which must ask whether you want to take part in either (or both):

  • strike action
  • action short of a strike

The union can only call on members to take action if a majority of members who voted were in favour of that particular action. If both questions are asked on the ballot paper and members vote yes to both, the union can decide what industrial action to take.

*if you didn’t see our original report on the strike action, these are the grievances listed by the Bridgwater posties that led to the unofficial walk out on Friday. 

  1. A manager who has previously twice been removed from Bridgwater DO has been put back in charge.Staff believe this manager’s aggressive and anti-union behaviour make him the worst possible choice, when they just want the support of managers to get out and deliver letters and packets to local people as best they can, with many staff on self-isolation and/or sick, and working with, and supporting, some inexperienced casuals.  
    2. Staff have been threatened with disciplinary action for “Wilful delay of the mail”, which could lead to dismissal, when all they have done is work to their contracted finishing time.
    3. Union activists have been followed around the building by managers who have tried to prevent them talking to members at work. 
    4. Royal Mail have given notice they wish to rip up all current local agreements with the CWU-agreements that give local postman and women some of the best conditions in the country.
    5. The current manager has deliberately tried to provoke trouble by removing the majority of cycles from the office-Bridgwater is the last office in the UK to use them.

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