11 more COVID 19 deaths in Somerset

The latest weekly dashboard on COVID 19 was published today by Somerset County Council. The figures are not, by national standards, alarming.

However this week another 11 deaths were reported (for the week ending 22nd May) taking the total to 159 at that point. Of these, 5 deaths were in hospital, 6 in care homes. And for much of the last month the figures have pretty much been evenly split between the two.

Bear in mind these figures are always published a week to 10 days behind real time but even so although the numbers are down from the peak, they are still not fading away to zero. This is relevant as this week we sent school children back to school and government is encouraging some businesses to start to reopen.

Prior to SCC publishing figures for our county on 24 April, there had been 67 deaths, spread across 4 weeks since the first deaths were recorded in Musgrove on 28th March.

The data provided by SCC clearly shows that the 7 day moving average for deaths is not declining but remaining fairly steady at the current level.

For the second week running the only care homes with reported outbreaks of COVID 19 are in Sedgemoor and Somerset West & Taunton.

As ever whilst we can pick out highlights of the data to present you with a picture, we have included all the figures provided by SCC so you can see for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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