13 more deaths

The COVID 19 pandemic may be showing signs of slowing down elsewhere, but not yet in Somerset. The latest figures published by Somerset County Council showed 13 more deaths in the week to 15th May, compared with 11 the week before.

6 of the 13 deaths were in carehomes but the figures also show that for the week to 17th May only 2 care homes had the virus, one in Somerset West & Taunton and one in Sedgemoor.

That means in total 145 people from Somerset have died of COVID 19.

It is not especially encouraging news, given that many schools are due to start again next week.

Once again we have to draw your attention to the fact the different figures published by SCC are for a variety of dates. You have to be careful looking at the numbers to see which figures cover which dates (see below)

Certainly the number is not rising significantly. It is also true that the number of deaths in Somerset has been significantly lower than in other parts of the country.

Once again we are providing the full data dashboard so that readers can see all the information and draw their own conclusions too.

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