Sedgemoor goes small

When the government promised to fund small businesses with grants of up to £10,000, some missed out. If you didn’t own your premises or you rented but were not responsible for business rates, you got zilch.

Sedgemoor is now extending the grants they give out using money received from government. Their “Discretionary Grant Scheme” wis now open. But beware! It is just for a two-week application period. From today to a close at 12 noon on Tuesday, June 9th.

Councils were given discretion to pay businesses based on local economic need. This will obviously differ across communities and areas.

However some criteria that still have to be met. To qualify your businesses must employ fewer than 50 people. You must also be able to demonstrate that you have seen a significant drop in income. And that this is due to Coronavirus restriction measures.

Sedgenmoor tell us “This new discretionary grant will mean that we can broaden the approach to encompass some more of our hard hit companies but we do recognise that it still leaves many who will have to look to other means of surviving during this difficult time.”

For guidance, eligibility criteria and more information visit

But remember, time is already running out…..

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