SW&T audit resignation

The “transformtion” project led by the previous administration at West Somerset and Taunton Deane was not a success.

Subsequently the new administration of the merged council has had an internal audit carried out. The results we have reported on before.

However despite lots of good work uncovering the waste and lack of control, some questions still remain. Questions which stubbornly remain unanswered. Questions which you might think the current administration would be keen to get answered.

One resident of Taunton has repeatedly asked questions of SW&T’s Audit, Governance and Standards Committee two questions.

Firstly how was the contract to Ignite awarded. And secondly who signed off the redundancy programme. A programme so absurdly misconstrued as to leave the council with a massive bill, and a shortage of staff.

Why these apparently simple questions cannot be answered is a mystery. But they haven’t been.

In the meantime the Chair of The Audit, Governance and Standards  Committee who has not managed to obtain the answers, has resigned.

Sue Buller is the LibDem councillor for North Curry & Ruishton. She continues to sit as a councillor, but has resigned as chair of the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee.

No reason has been given for her resignation.


  • Mrs Ingrid Meecham

    Could someone ask SSDC the same questions?

  • Rather like South Somerset District Council but there has been no change of administration there so all questions remain unanswered, high redundancy payments and high spending on agency staff.

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