11 more COVID 19 deaths in Somerset

Somerset County Council today reported the latest in its weekly updates on deaths and cases within the county. These numbers should not be confused with the NHS quoted figures which deal only with hospital deaths. They are more up to date, they are also incomplete.

In the week to the 8th May another 11 deaths were recorded. 6 were in hospital and 5 in Care homes.

This brings the total number of deaths in the county to 132 of which 74 were in hospital, 50 in Care homes and 8 at home or in other settings.

In the week to the 10th May there were only 3 care homes in the county that reported the presence of the virus. That is the lowest since the end of March.

Overall the incidence of the virus in Somerset and the number of deaths have been notably lower than in the country as a whole. The focus now will inevitably move to transmission rates. The target being that any one person with the infection on average infest less than one other person. Figures from Public Health England now show this is the case for all areas of the UK. However it is noteworthy that the South West has the second highest level. At 0.76 new infections per person with the virus, only the north east has a higher re-inefection rate.

As ever we have included the full data set produced by the County Council so you can see all the information for your self:

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