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Here at Leveller® Towers, the last couple of months have been, well, pretty challenging. But we’re in good company; it has been tough on small business right across Somerset. We know there are loads of others all in the same boat. Many of them we know, many of them are our advertisers.

Some have had to shut down altogether, with no income and still not much of a clear idea as to when they can open.

A few have been able to carry on trading, but with reduced sales. Some have had to change what they do for a living.

All in all, Somerset business is not where it wanted to be, or even dreamt of being where it is right now.

We at the The Leveller® need to get our business back on the road – just like you do. We have, I’m pleased to report to our loyal readers and advertisers, managed to secure our future for the next six months.

But we also want to do our bit to help others. Especially those businesses that supported us through the bad times as well as the good times. This is our community and if we don’t help each other, well the future doesn’t bear thinking about.

As businesses start to open once more, they need to reach out and tell people. They need to advertise. And that’s even more important when you are coming back after 2 months of lockdown.

So from now until 30th June, if anyone books a series of at least 3 adverts with us and pays for it in advance, we’ll give you a fourth one free – on top of our normal discount for booking 3 ads. We’ll take another look at this after the end of June, and if we can afford it, we’ll extend the scheme. But for now hopefully it will help local businesses make their ad budgets go further at the very time when they are going to be stretched to the limit.

If this arrangement would work for you, please get in touch direct. You can email me at

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