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Everyday in May, mother and daughter team Rebecca (an artist) and Grace (teacher), get together to raise awareness and funds annually for Fight Bladder Cancer. Grace went to school at Huish Episcopi in Langport and has been living locally again since the lockdown. In 2014 they lost their brother / uncle Matt to bladder cancer, aged 42. Bladder cancer is the 5th most common but most expensive cancer for the NHS to treat. And “Fight Bladder Cancer” looked after Matt once he had been diagnosed. So ordinarily Rebecca and Grace  would spend May doing fundraising along more traditional lines with tea and cakes and that sort of thing.

This year that sort of sociable fund raiser is clearly off the cards. Undaunted though, they’ve come up with a different approach for lockdown Britain.

They are focusing instead on their art. Every day they will each create a piece of original artwork – 62 pieces for the month is the overall aim! At the end of each day, Fight Bladder Cancer will randomly draw one name from those who’ve donated to the campaign that day, to win both pieces

Everyone who donates will be entered into a Grand Draw, which will take place on Monday 1st June – the winner of this will be able to commission an original piece of work of their choice from us!  Each time you donate across the month of May will earn you a place in this draw.

Please support their creativity by donating to complete the challenge!

You can find more information about why we’re doing this on their fundraising page:

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  • Here at Fight Bladder Cancer we are thrilled to have the support of Grace and Rebecca with this year’s fundraising challenge. We are just over half way through Bladder Cancer Awareness month and the artwork they have produced is of fantastic quality, with something for everyone and lots of different themes being covered. Bladder Cancer is the most expensive cancer for the NHS and our aim is to provide support to everyone affected by the disease; the money raised by Grace and Rebecca will go directly to help us ensure that nobody feels alone in their journey with bladder cancer. Thank you to everyone for their support!

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