Huish Episcopi try online and Langport too

District and County councils around Somerset are slowly getting used to the idea of online meetings. Whilst not all are confident/competent enough to use video conferencing, some parishes are showing them up!

The latest Parish to try its hand is Huish Episcopi Parish Council. The meeting will be on 18th May at 7pm.

However the big limitation with these meetings is the process for giving the public access. For the Huish Episcopi meeting if you’d like to join in you are required to “contact the Parish Clerk Lisa Newby (contact information highlighted) to obtain further details of how to join. Questions can also be sent into the clerk beforehand, to be put to the council during this period of the meeting.”

To help you decide if you’d like to take part or ask a question, we’ve attached the agenda for the meeting below:

Langport Town Council will have a go at the same exercise one day later, 7pm on the 19th May. Again if you want to join in here is the instruction: “If members of the public wish to join this meeting they should contact the Town Clerk, to receive instructions on how to access the meeting.
If the public wish to make a comment or ask the council a question, this
must be emailed to the Town Clerk at least 24 hours in advance

And the agenda can be downloaded here too:


  • Bruton Town Council met online on 28 April. Members of the public who wanted to speak had to email the town clerk in advance to get a log-in for the Zoom meeting. People who didn’t want to speak but wanted to attend could watch it on YouTube.

    • This seems to be the best system out of the various ones we have seen tested. It also cuts out photo bombing and anti social behaviour…

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