Spike in COVID 19 deaths and cases

The latest figures released by Somerset County Council show an unexpected “uptick” in COVID 19 cases.

Today’s figures cover data for confirmed cases in Somerset for the week to the 8th of May. So please bear in mind this is historic and the trend may now be heading in a different direction.

You also need to be aware that although SCC is providing good and detailed data, it is slightly frustrating that each piece of data is to the end of a different time period (variously 1st May, 3rd May and 11th May). So when using the graphs you need to make sure you are comparing apples and apples if you see what I mean.

All four districts council areas reported at least one care home with an outbreak for the week ended 3rd May.

Again we have provided the data in full so you can take a look.

The figures for deaths in the county also showed an unexpected spike. 23 deaths were recorded in the week to 1st May taking the total, at that date, to 120. That’s nearly 20% of the total deaths recorded during the pandemic in that one week.

12 of the 23 deaths recorded in the same week were in care homes. That is out of a total of 45 deaths (26%) from the virus since the pandemic began.

Whilst this may sound grim there are some reasons to be optimistic. Up until 2 weeks ago it was reasonably clear that no one really understood the severity or otherwise of the outbreak. Numbers of infections outside of hospital, indeed of deaths outside hospital, appeared to be little better than guesswork. It did not suggest control or a grasp of the day to day reality.

Of course every death is not a statistic, but a personal and family tragedy. Nevertheless the fact that we are now getting precise figures for outbreaks and deaths suggests a degree of control that had previously been lacking.

All we await now if for that control to be brought to bear to reduce the impact of the virus.

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