95 deaths and hard data on Somerset care homes

It has taken weeks of toing and froing between at least 4 different organisations. But today we finally have some firm data on Somerset carehomes and COVID 19. The data is collated and published by Somerset County Council.

If it is later than we might have wished, the data goes back to the start of the outbreak. So anyone who wants to can see the full picture.

It is a comprehensive 2 page document and we have published it below for readers to see for themselves. You should note that where some data on deaths appears inconsistent, it is because it covers a slightly different period.

If this is now published regularly it will increase confidence that figures are accurate, controlled and SCC is on top of the situation.

The important messages seem to be:

  • The outbreak in Somerset has already peaked and cases and deaths are now falling
  • There were 46 deaths in Somerset’s care homes to 30th April
  • A total of 95 deaths were recorded from COVID 19 in the county to the 24th April.
  • 37 care homes in Somerset have reported an outbreak of the virus to date

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