More changes in Taunton and Yeovil

There is something about having a lockdown for several weeks. It gives time to think. It give time to weigh up difficult decisions. And sometimes with all that time, life becomes much clearer.

This is true in politics as much as it seems to be in other walks of life. Last week we reported that South Somerset District Councillor Charlie Hull had left the Conservatives to join the Green Party. As both are in opposition the change did not alter the majority of the LibDem group that control the council.

Today however The Leveller® has learned that Dean Ruddle has also changed parties. Dean who represents Somerton (he is also chair of Somerton Town Council) was formerly a Conservative councillor and latterly an Independent. Now he has joined the LibDems.

Dean told The Leveller┬« “Even though now is not the time for party politics, I have come to realise that i need to be part of a team. So I have decided to join the Lib Dem who focus on our local community issues, front line services , local housing needs and above all fairness. This will not change me and the way i work but it will give me and the residents i serve more help and support in these very difficult unprecedented times we live in.”

It will change matters at SSDC (though not in Somerset County Council) though. Following Dean’s decision to join the controlling group in SSDC, the LibDems will have 40 councillors out of 60. The full make up of the council will be:

  • 40 Liberal Democrats,
  • 13 Conservatives,
  • 6 Independents and
  • 1 Green

At Somerset County Council where Dean sat as an Independent, the change will not alter the balance of power. The Conservatives control the council and Dean will simply move from one opposition party to another.

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