No speedwatch but don’t speed

One of the casualties of the pandemic has been Somerset’s Community Speedwatch Service. Staffed by volunteers these intrepid people take to accident blackspots. Armed with hand held speed cameras, they monitor speeding motorists and pass on details to the Police.

However Speedwatch teams have to have at least two volunteers at a time. So there is a witness to the recordings of speeding motorists. This in turn makes it next to impossible to run Speedwatch with social distancing.

As you’ll have seen from articles on Leveller.Live, withdrawing the Speedwatch service has led to numerous incidents of speeding motorists.

Avon & Somerset Police are responding with increased use of their Roads Policing Unit (RPU) and Speed Enforcement Unit (SEU). This increased presence/visibility is being targeted to areas known for speeding and to places where the public have complained of the problem.

The message from the Police is clear. Do not speed in the first instance. And increased patrols will catch you if you do, in the second.

Members of the public who see excessive speeding can report it. If you have any concerns about the increased speed of vehicles in your area then please report them via: . The Police will then work with officers and the Neighbourhood Policing Teams to respond accordingly.

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