Somerton Charity launches website

The Kirkham Street Field Trust is a charity launched last year to buy the last green space in central Somerton. As a new school is to be built at the edge of the town at Northfields, the old sites are being sold off. Somerset Coutny Council hope to raise funds from the sale of the junior school site at Kirkham Street and Etsome Terrace.

However the land at Kirhham Street that was the playing area for the junior school is the last bit of green space in the town centre. The charity hopes to buy it from Somerset County Council as a community asset.

Originally they had a deadline to raise the funds demanded (some £750,000) by the autumn of 2020. However given the current situation, you would have to hope that SCC will be reasonable and extend the deadline.m Before the virus turned up they had raised £21,000 from 80 plus local companies and people.

That said with the expected fall in property prices, a question will arise as to whether the site is now overpriced.

Anyway you can now find more information about the charity and what they hope to achieve at their brand new website 

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